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How Do I Get 1TB Free Cloud Storage for 2022?

Cloud storage is one of the most efficient and convenient tools for storing data online. Having 1TB online cloud memory is no more a wish, it’s a necessity.

How to Get 1TB Free Cloud Storage Space Easily?


Suppose you have an online business entity with 200 thousand customers and employees collectively. Suddenly, you get yourself tangled in a situation where you must share large files of around 20GBs with all of them. What will you do? Sharing it through physical media seems almost impossible. That’s where the cloud storage steps in.


Large enterprises can purchase separate storage facilities as they are needed to generate significant revenue. What about small-scale businesses? For them, we came up with the most reliable aesthetic software of TeraBox, which grants free limited storage capacity up to 1TB ideally.


6 Best Free Cloud Storage For Lifetime

The most frustrating moment we often encounter is “your device storage is Full.” We all own devices that are full of important files and photos. You need to create a backup to avoid that situation. Most cloud computing platforms provide limited free cloud memory, which is sometimes not enough to save large dense files. That’s why we end up paying pennies for more cloud capacity.

02 full storage


Get rid of this issue with the TeraBox free cloud storage application, which provides lifetime access to 1TB cloud storage.




You might see several applications having similar features, but they either provide temporary access to 1TB storage or offer minimal storage capacity. TeraBox also follows robust security protocols that allow you to generate a private folder to store sensitive information. If you need more, subscribe to their premium version.


Google Drive

04 Googledrive

People who need something other than cloud storage should go for google drive. It’s pre-installed on android devices and belongs to a suite that includes similar applications like google photos. With the various exciting features like collage and movie making, it’s a top-tier choice for mobile applicants.



05 iDrive

Those users who are not aware of TeraBox admire iDrive for exceptional data security. The app promises to provide 10GB of storage with lifetime access for free. The significant advantage of using iDrive is cross-platform compatibility. Once the backup is done, you can access it with any device with the same account.



06 onedrive 1

OneDrive is excellent cloud storage for various web applications. It helps to organize data as per our choice and grants easy access to those files from any device. Initially, you’ll get 5GB of space for free, and if it seems less, you can upgrade your plan simply.



07 iCloud

iPhone users must be familiar with iCloud. It makes it easy to share your files, photos, notes, and documents with friends and family. But the demerit is, that it can be operated on Apple devices only. 5GB of cloud storage is allotted at the beginning for free.




Since the emergence of cloud computing platforms, dropbox has been considered one of the most well-established file management software with some extraordinary useful features like content collaboration, storing, sharing, and productivity tools. However, it provides the lowest memory, up to 2GB only.


Comparison Of Pricing Plan

Here is a comparison in pricing plan to make your selection hassle-free.

Product Free Package Premium Packaging
TeraBox 1024GB ·      Storage: 2TB

·      Price: $3.90/month

Or with automatic renewal

·      Storage: 2TB

·      Price: $2.99/month

Google Drive 15GB ·      Storage: 100GB

·      Price: $2.99/month

iDrive 10GB ·      Storage: 5TB

·      Price: $79.50/year

OneDrive 5GB ·      Storage: 100GB

·      Price: $1.89/month

iCloud 5GB ·      Storage: 50GB

·      Price: $0.99/month

Dropbox 2GB ·      Storage: 2TB

·      Price: $9.99/month


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